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Jeffrey M. Halenza, Pastor

August 18, 2021

Dear Members, Visitors, and Friends of the Congregation,

          We are keeping a close watch on the rising number of COVID cases. At present we believe it is safe to continue with Sunday worship, Adult Sunday School, and Wednesday Bible study, given how careful all of you are. If there are any changes to our schedule or protocol, will let you know immediately

          The attached prayer, which I will pray during our ZOOM worship time tonight, August 18th, at 7:00 PM, took form after seeing a brief video someone showed me. I saw about 15 seconds worth in which a professor of philosophy spoke about our lives and nation no longer being grounded on what they once were. And that’s all it took to get me going (well, not me really, but the Spirit) – all it took was the word “ground” and oh yes, the word “rejected”. I hope the result is a prayer you can pray, or use to pray your own prayer.

          May we always find solid hope in the God who is our rock and our salvation,

Pastor Halenza