Youth Committee: Working with our youth and helping them plan activities are the center of this committee.  Youth sometimes have a unique way of looking at life and this committee offers a chance to help guide them.

Youth Group:

          We have a Youth Group for grades 7 - 12.



Being There for the Children


            There is a great need in our local communities for churches to partner with local agencies to help provide care and emotional support for children in foster care and to grandparents who are responsible for raising their grandchildren.  The Service Committee would very much like our congregation to be such a partner.

            In particular, we would establish long term relationships with children in foster care, beginning when they are young.  The relationship would involve guiding and mentoring them over the years through the end of high school and beyond, providing cultural opportunities, helping them develop their skills and abilities, working with them on social interaction, being there for them in a way that gives them a sense of stability and confidence, and other ways of helping.

            Concerning the grandparents, our ministry to them would involve emotional and spiritual support, giving them some time off by taking the children out for an afternoon, treating them with some special activities or gifts.  Many of these grandparents are in their 60s and 70s and are trying to raise three or four grandchildren by themselves and frankly it is exhausting and emotionally draining.  By being there for the grandparents we will also be helping the grandchildren.