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Food needs:  Canned meats: beef, chicken, or tuna
Mixed vegetables Peas
Canned fruit Pasta Sauce
Coffee and Tea Jello
Toiletries: hand Soap, shampoo, deodorant, tooth paste, etc.
Laundry detergent
Diapers - all sizes

Other needs: Our Clothes Closet is in need of the following: small girl’s clothes size 4-5, large girl’s clothes size14-18, men’s shirts size small and medium, men’s jeans all sizes, and women’s new underwear all sizes.

    Please put your donations in the appropriate container in the Fellowship Hall.


A Stitch in Time........
by George Dietz

     Many of you know that I travel to my sister school, Terranova, every summer. I love going there as the school has made such an incredible impact on the local villages at Terranova. It is now known as one of the better schools in all of Zambia. When I travel to Terranova, I take over a wide range of things. Books, medicines, teaching materials, and this year, OPPORTUNITY. Opportunity, you might ask. How? Because of the kindness and many hours of sewing by many of our women at COH. A world wide organization exists, called Days for Girls, and its focus is to help provide reusable feminine hygiene products for girls in under developed countries or girls who are simply too poor for the family to provide necessary products for them. Prior to receiving these gifts of the hand sewn kits, the girls would have to remain home from school for a week each month. Think about that. How would you have done academically in HS or college if you had to miss 8 weeks of instruction each year. Now the educational field has been leveled and the ladies have an even better opportunity to excel in the classroom. When you see your fellow church friends who are members of the Sewing Guild … give them a pat on the back for such a wonderful contribution to the girls of Mazabuka. If you would like to help, let Mary Sciera know (you don’t have to sew to help). Thank you again to our women of COH. Changing the opportunities of young girls, one kit at a time.