Christ Our Hope Lutheran Church

P. O. Box 961690
Riverdale, Georgia 30296
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Jeffrey M. Halenza, Pastor

April 28, 2021

Dear Members, Visitors, and Friends of the Congregation,

          In-person worship is going well with attendance slowly increasing. We did experience some difficulties with our live-streaming and videos, however, but I’m glad to say that the problems have been resolved. Between in-person and on-line worship, we are reaching more and more people.

          Please note that on Sunday, May 16, following the worship service, we will hold the Annual Congregational Meeting. Members not attending worship will be able to participate via ZOOM. You will receive an email with additional details.

          The attached prayer, which I will pray during our Wednesday Worship Service tonight, April 28, at 7:00 PM, came as I thought about the 23rd psalm and the image of the Good Shepherd in preparing for this past Sunday. I hope the prayer helps you pray the 23rd psalm in one way or another.

          May God continue to shepherd us through these days unto the day when we can pick up our lives again and live with some normalcy,

Pastor Halenza