Christ Our Hope Lutheran Church

P. O. Box 961690
Riverdale, Georgia 30296
(770) 997-7117                                  (770) 997-3312

Jeffrey M. Halenza, Pastor

March 17, 2021

Dear Members, Visitors, and Friends of the Congregation,

          Holy Week and Easter are fast approaching and we hope that more and more will feel comfortable attending the services now that the vast majority of members have been vaccinated. You should receive a letter this week detailing our Holy Week and Easter schedule as well as updating you on the congregation. Also, please be aware that we will continue to wear masks and practice social distancing until the coronavirus subsides to a safer level.

          The attached prayer, which I will pray tonight, March 17, during our Mid-week Lenten service at 7:00 PM, did, in fact, arise out of dealing with Atlanta drivers of late and the odd feeling I have been having as I’ve started to drive more and more. The result was another “talking prayer”, which is how I pray most of the time. I realize that it’s not a prayer you can pray as your own since it’s a personal prayer, but maybe it will give you some ideas for your personal prayers.

         May God keep us close during these days of separation until at last we can all congregate again with confidence and fully be the congregation that is Christ Our Hope,

Pastor Halenza