Christ Our Hope Lutheran Church

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Riverdale, Georgia 30296
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Jeffrey M. Halenza, Pastor

December 13, 2020

Dear Members, Visitors, and Friends of the Congregation,

          We are sending this email and the attached prayer for Wednesday, December 16, out early because Nancy Norris’ hip replacement surgery is scheduled for tomorrow, December 14th. Please keep her in your prayers.

          At this writing, we are still planning on having in-person worship on Christmas Eve at 5:00 PM, with a special Prelude at 4:30 PM. It will be a candlelight communion service like we have done for years. I realize that many are not yet ready to gather but be aware that we will do a video.

          The  prayer, which I will pray during our Conference Call on Wednesday, December 16, at 7:00 PM, could actually be prayed on Christmas Eve but I decided to do it now in the hope that it will help you prepare to celebrate the birth of the Holy Child of Bethlehem.

          May we remember those for whom Christmas will be hard this year and be a gift to them in our compassion and love,

Pastor Halenza