Christ Our Hope Lutheran Church

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Riverdale, Georgia 30296
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Jeffrey M. Halenza, Pastor

November 3, 2021

Dear Members, Visitors, and Friends of the Congregation,

          With the encouraging decline in the number of Covid cases, I do hope that our in-person worship services will grow even more. And I certainly hope that we will experience more and more normalcy in our day to day lives.

          All Saints Sunday, the day on which we remember and give thanks for members of the congregation and family and friends who have died, is this coming Sunday, November 7. Thinking about that led to the attached prayer which I will pray during our ZOOM worship service tonight, November 3, at 7:00 PM. I hope it helps in some way.

          May God continue to grace us with patience during these days when we are probably running a bit low on patience,

Pastor Halenza