Christ Our Hope Lutheran Church

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Riverdale, Georgia 30296
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Jeffrey M. Halenza, Pastor

November 17, 2021

Dear Members, Visitors, and Friends of the Congregation,

          I hope you are all doing well and are getting out a bit more and enjoying being with others while still being cautious. And we do need to remain cautious as Covid continues to flare up and the flu season is upon us.

          The attached prayer, which I will pray during our ZOOM worship time tonight, November 17, at 7:00 PM, is another one of my “talking prayers.” More accurately, it’s another one of my “ranting prayers” because through it I give voice to my frustration and impatience and weariness with the way things are. Maybe you can relate to what I say. I hope so.

          May God refresh our spirits during these days so that we can live and love and serve as fully as we can,

Pastor Halenza