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Jeffrey M. Halenza, Pastor
April 9, 2020

Dear Member,

     For years, the way we observed Maundy Thursday was to gather in the Fellowship Hall for a simple meal of soup and crackers. Following the meal, I would deliver a sermon and then we would commune one another as we sat around a table made up of several tables arranged to be one. The service then concluded in the sanctuary.

     The attached sermon is one I did nearly every year and I’m passing it along in the hope it will help you observe Maundy Thursday at home in some way. The characterizations draw heavily from the writings of Frederick Bucchner and I gladly acknowledge my indebtedness to him.

     Not being able to gather for Holy Week services makes this not only a very strange but also very difficult week, but I hope you will make time each day to remember the story of those days and what it says to us today.

     We continue to pray for all those everywhere who have contracted the coronavirus and for the families of those who have succumbed to it. And we pray for all those who are risking their health to assure our health and protection and well-being. And for all who are struggling financially and worried about putting food on the table. Move us to do whatever we can to help and give us the strength to keep sheltering in place for the good of all.

     May the God who is a very present help in trouble be with us in this trouble and lead us beyond it,

                                                                                    Pastor Halenza