Holiday Schedule Changes
Two New Ways to Celebrate

That is, we will be celebrating Thanksgiving and Christmas in new ways this year. 



          Attendance at our Thanksgiving Eve service has been declining to the point where the congregation consists of the choir and a handful of members. So the Worship and Music Committee has decided to try something new. 

         Instead of a Thanksgiving Eve service this year, we will have a Thanksgiving Sunday on November 18. The worship service will focus on thankfulness and during the service we will bring gifts of food items to the altar in support of Fayette Samaritans. Following the service, we will have a Potluck Dinner to continue to share the spirit of Thanksgiving. 

         We hope this change will encourage many, many people to come together to give thanks! 



         For many years, one of the ways we celebrated Christmas was to have a Congregational Christmas Dinner. With the exception of the two or three times we had the dinner catered, members of the congregation have put on the dinner. This involves set-up (moving tables and chairs), decorating, shopping, cooking, serving, and clean-up. It’s a lot of work — last year the process took nearly a week. As we began to plan for this year, we realized that we no longer have enough people able to do all the preparation required. A catered meal was considered but the cost would prohibit more than a few members from attending. Even the lower cost of a prepared meal has been prohibitive. Finally, more and more members prefer not to drive at night. So the Fellowship Committee has proposed a different approach. 


          We will now decorate the church for Christmas during the week of November 26 rather than trying to do it all on a single Sunday afternoon as we have in the past. Check upcoming bulletins and the November Scribe for details 

       On Sunday, December 16, following the worship service, we will have a Christmas Potluck Dinner and Carol Sing with ham and turkey provided so that the congregation need bring only sides or salads or desserts. More details will follow. 

          We hope this approach will allow as many as possible to come together for a wonderful and joyous time together.