Prayer Requests

Please keep in your prayers… Members, family members, and friends who have been in our prayers during the past months…


Sharon Allison
Don Begley
Carrie Benton
Jesse Bentz
Carl Berkobin
Nancy Breedlove
Bill Dixon
Sarah Fields
Eleanor Gibson
Barbara Gordin
Kristi Gordin
Carrie Henderson
Johnny Johnson
Ryland Jones
Linda Keyser
Roberta Lecour
Imogene McNeely
Winifred Pernell
Judy Polzin
George Pringle
Joe Ratzman
Eleanor Quinn
Nell Tinsley
Brenda Wahlig
Lafayette Williams
Judy Zehms



Family & Friends

Daughters of:
Joe Ratzman & Lorelie Wesselhoft

Parents of:
Terryl Baker

Mothers of:
Barbara Gordin, Mike Mikko, Mary Sciera, Eva Sohacki, and Doug Utt

Mother-in-Law of:
Robin Jenkins

Granddaughter of:
Horace & Marcia Cosby

Sisters of:
Sandy Adamek, Connie Bentz, Linda Gildersleeve- Blackwell, Ann Halulka, Ralph Turner, & Brenda Wahlig

Nieces of:
Terryl Baker, Carrie Benton, Imogene McNeely, & Brenda Wahlig

Sister-in-law of:
Chris Hokkanen

Sister and brother-in-law of:
Jane Barnard, Ann Halulka

Aunt of:
Connie Bentz

Sons of:
Genelda Clinton, Jill Cochran, Kay Douma, & Ann Halulka

Father of:
Michelle Rivera

Brother of:
Jill Cochran

Brother and sister-in-law of:
Connie Martin

Grandsons of:
Sandy & Jerry Adamek, Jessie & Connie Bentz, & Wanda Thompson

Husband of niece of:
Diane Allbritton

Brothers-in-law of:
Sandy & Jerry Adamek, Diane Allbritton, Ann Halulka, Robin Jenkins,  & Eric Smith

Cousins of:
Connie Bentz, Larry Clinton, Kay Douma, Linda Gildersleeve-Blackwell, Ann Halulka, Carolyn Herche, & Bill Vanenburg

Friends of:
Diane Allbritton, Gen Belcher, Carrie Benton, Connie Bentz, Loretta Brown, Susie & Bill Dixon, Dan & Kay Douma, Kathy Erickson, Jill Goodson, Roy & Sally Grumbles, John & Carolyn Haldeman, Joan Hale, Carolyn Herche, Ken & Linda Keyser, Barbara Kinnett, Don and Sylvia McCullough, John Sabine, Cathi Shubert, Ralph Turner, Jr., Ralph Turner, Sr., the Turners

And for all those serving in the military.

The sympathy of the congregation and the strength and hope we share in the resurrection of Christ is extended to..