Happening This Week

March 4 - 11, 2018

Sunday                               Second Sunday of Easter
                                                      Grandchildren's Day
                                                       International Day

                                        8:45 am            Sunday School
                                     10:00 am            International Worship Service
                                      11:00 am           Finance Committee Mtng
                                      11:00 am           Potluck Dinner
Wednesday               7:10 pm           Wenesday Evening Communion Service
                                         7:30 pm             Liturgical Choir Rehearsal
                                         7:45 pm           Adult Bible Study
Friday                           9:30 am           Property Committee Meeting
                                         9:30 am           Sewing Guild
Saturday                 10:00 am           "Holy Rollers" Bowling League
Sunday                                   Third Sunday of Easter
                                        8:45 am            Sunday School
                                     10:00 am            Worship Service
                                      11:30 am           Church Council Mtng